The Patriotic or Fourth Degree is the highest degree of the order. It is an extension of the third degree. Members of this degree are addressed as "Sir Knight." The primary purpose of the Patriotic Degree is to foster the spirit of patriotism and to encourage active Catholic citizenship. Fewer than 18% of Knights join the Patriotic Degree, which is optional; of a total 1,703,307 Knights there were 292,289 Patriotic Degree Knights. A Knight is eligible to join the Patriotic Degree after six months from the date of his Admission or First Degree, providing he has completed the Formation (2nd) and Knighthood (3rd) Degrees beforehand.
Assemblies are distinct from councils, and are led by a separate set of elected officers. The Supreme Board of Directors appoints a Supreme Master, currently Dennis Stoddard of Florida, and twenty Vice Supreme Masters to govern the Patriotic Degree. Each Vice Supreme Master oversees a Province, which is subdivided into Districts. The Supreme Master appoints District Masters to supervise several assemblies.
Each assembly is led by a Navigator. Other elected assembly officers include the Captain, Admiral, Pilot, Scribe, Purser, Comptroller, Sentinels and Trustees. A Friar and Color Corps Commander are appointed by the Navigator. Assembly officers are properly addressed by using the title "faithful" (e.g. Faithful Navigator). Assemblies are numbered in the order in which they chartered into the Order, and are named by the local membership.
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